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The Mackie DigitalXBus (DXB) is digital mixing console from Mackie that replaced the D8B. The console comes with 25 100mm faders and 2 15" touch screens as well as "soft" knobs and buttons which can control various functions of the desk. The main processing power of the desk comes from a standard PC based motherboard in ATX form factor originally running Windows XP embedded, however, with the latest development in computer hardware and software can be run on a modern multi-core processor running Windows 7 as the base operating system.

The DXB comprises of multiple IO cards which include both analog and digital inputs and outputs and has a software based highly flexible routing matrix. As well as having standard tools like Mic pre-amps, parametric EQ, insert points, pan, level, and metering options, the DXB has a wealth of dynamics and effects processing tools which can be applied in a similar manner in that of a DAW; the software is additionally upgradable and can utilize selected VST based plugins.

Due to the "hybrid" nature of the console, it can also be utilized as a DAW controller taking full advantage of the Mackie HUI (Human User Interface) protocol which makes the console even more flexible then an already highly versatile unit.

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